J&M JAMP-1000GW18-TB ROKKER Amplifier kit has been designed specifically for use on the 2018-2024 GoldWing Tour or Standard models.

Peak Power Output:2040w Max – 510w x 4CH – 2-ohm load.

RMS Output Power:920w RMS - 230w x 4CH – 2-ohm load.

Amplifier Class:New high-efficiency Class-D IC circuitry, (no cooling fans needed) properly shielded against FM/AM radio interference.

Manually Adjustable:All controls easily adjustable with a small screwdriver should any changes need to be made during the installation.

Marine Grade Protection:PCB is conformal coated for complete protection against water damage in the motorcycle or powersports environment.

Power Supply:12v Digital Switching – Very Low Amperage Draw Compared to Other Brands in this Power Range.

Radio Compatibility:Compatible with the stock Honda radio, NO special radio flashes or adjustments are needed.

Speaker Compatibility:Compatible with any 2, 3 or 4-ohm speakers with sufficient power rating.

Mounting Options:Mounts to the Lazer-cut stainless steel bracket system, to provide solid and secure mounting inside the left saddlebag.

Amplifier itself measures 8 1/4" Long X 5 1/8" Wide X 1 5/8" Tall


2018-2024 Goldwing

2018-2024 Golwing Tour

Goldwing 1000W Rokker Amplifier Kit

  • $949.99
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  • $719.95

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