HS-EHI801-LDC-XHO 801 Elite-series helmet headset from J&M has been designed to be installed into most Flip-front and Open face style helmets.

Headset features re-tuned extra-high-output (XHO) AeroMike VI boom microphone, two large 45mm high-intensity helmet speakers for maximum on-highway audio performance, universal clamp-on mounting system and the upper section cord.

Speaker Diameter - 45mm. Speaker Diameter with soft cover - 50mm.

Speaker Thickness - 12mm. Speaker Thickness with soft cover - 17mm.

Mic arm - 8" long.

Mic and upper cord holder is designed to clamp to the edge of helmet.

Note ! Holder will not fit helmets with wide edge. Please check pictures and your helmet before ordering.

Note! The lower section cord is not included in the above price.

This J&M headset can be connected to most factory installed motorcycle audio systems just by interchanging the lower-section hook-up cord.

You will need to choose a ā€œZā€ series lower-section cord for proper connection of this headset to your audio system.

801 Elite Series J&M Motorcycle Headset for Flip-Front and Open-Face Helmets

  • Brand: J&M Audio
  • Product Code: HS-EHI801-LDC-XHO
  • $229.99
  • $179.95

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